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Surrey Explorers is a local educational group activity in SW London which is part of the Potential Plus charity for parents across the UK.

This site is run by volunteers of the Surrey Explorers, a parent led group in SW London, part of PPUK. You can find out more about PPUK here. We run interesting projects and challenges for children eager to learn and explore a range of challenging educational topics outside school. This is a parent led educational group. Parents are welcome.


Friday 5th April, 10.30 - 14.30: House of Maths 25
After a dazzling performance last year, House of Maths founder, Barney Maunder-Taylor, is back with more of his curious and uncanny maths topics. He will delve into nets of 3D shapes, magic squares and other maths games and puzzles. This is a chance to learn from a Cambridge double first mathematician with an imagination that appeals to kids. There will be plenty of exercises to apply new skills. Open to all children with a facility in maths.

Monday 8 April 11.00 - 15.00 Brain-teaser Puzzles 20
Philip Searle, author and inventor of puzzles and tricks, will bring some teasers to challenge your logic, spatial sense and lateral thinking skills and to impress your friends. As well solving puzzles we will be making them too, using pencil, paper and card. Send riddles using just a pocket calculator...find any word someone else is reading using the same calculator.....with a pencil and compass find the centre of any shape or map . . . . working with mobius why triangles are stronger than squares.....flexagons.... spaghetti tower challenge.

Philip's book: "The More Interesting Book of Puzzling Science and Maths" is available from Tarquin edcucational Books (publishers). He will be demonstrating his new puzzles today.

Tuesday 9 April 11.00 - 15.00 Space Odyssey 20 with Joshua Searle.
To fully appreciate the scale of the solar system and to make an accurate representation, we will measure out the positions and sizes of planets and moons taking a circular route from the church to the river and back, weather permitting. At the correct distance Joshua will discuss newly discovered features of each planet with the help of a model of each one. The is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Booking are via PPUK link

MAY - to be updated.

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JULY - to be updated.


COMPUTER SKILLS CLUB for 8 - 13 year olds.
This group will run the entire day. Once a week
during August. See club details.

A weekly series to get children learning real computer skills! Draw in 3D, edit, animate program and code! Make robots, toys, cities, gadgets and movies. For beginners and advanced users alike; all are guaranteed to learn a lot that is new.

2nd August
Modelling in 3D and 2D. Draw BIG using SketchUp, as used by architects. Draw small and tiny using Tinkercad: ideal for 3D printed toys and gadgets!

9th August
Create a coding game in Scratch, and using other programming languages, Snap and Squeak

16th August
Cloud Stop Motion: Create a 'Toy Story' film animation.

23rd August
Program a simple drawing MiroBot robot that uses a Pen or Pencil to draw!
Program a virtual VX Robot to drive and explore in 3D with live video!

Tuesday 27th August
Program Python 3 scripts, using Trinket to make interactive coded patterns.

The tutor Philip Searle brings years of experience teaching IT in schools.
For further information see his club activity info page here.

He will also bring his large collection of toy robots!

The tutor is Philip who is the author of the popular LETS GET CODING book* for children. Computer Club project are entirely browser based, passwords are provided at start of each session on day. Tutor will provide details on day.

Bring a Mac/Windows/Chromebook laptop, (with a mouse and charger, on day). Notebooks and Tablets are NOT suitable for coding!, even if with a USB keyboard and Mouse. Parents are welcome to stay. Safety advice on keeping children safe online. See (UK) Raspberry pi (mini computers), being programmed and children can play with our interactive club toy robots in breaks. Some robots may need to be programmed first to work. We have several toy robots to play each session. Ages 8 to 13.

Booking are via PPUK link

Enquire to reserve any place. Numbers are normally limited to 20 children.

Concessions are available - ask on sign up to PPUK

More clubs dates will be added and posted here when confirmed..


Updated today: 15th March 2024

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